Syrup Pump (fits 1Ltr)

Syrup Pump (fits 1Ltr)

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Syrup Pump - fits 1Ltr SHOTT Bottle

One Pump delivers 10ml of Flavouring.
Designed to fit and be used with our Shott Syrup range.

Please note: These will only fit the 1Ltr Bottles


Fits 1Ltr
Serve Size 10ml


Shott Beverages is taking the market by storm

Because real flavours are healthier, natural and they just taste better. We’re passionate about rekindling people’s appreciation for amazing natural flavours. 

It’s this passion for real flavour that drives everything we do. It’s the reason we use natural ingredients, like freshly-squeezed fruit and South Island honey. Our fruit syrups contain about 50% fruit which gives our drinks real substance and an incredible burst of flavour.  

Our real flavour-first promise extends across our entire range, which includes a variety of real fruit syrups, coffee syrups, smoothie bases and cocktail mixers.

Our syrups are taste profiled to compliment the highest quality beverages and have been accepted by some of the most discerning boutique coffee roasters and cafes Australia has to offer. Shott Cafe syrups are equally enjoyable as a gluten free desert topping or milkshake.

Shott products are made from natural ingredients and are unique to the Australian market, our cafe syrups are also caffeine free.