Colombia Organic Coffee 10 Biodegradable Pods

Colombia Organic Coffee 10 Biodegradable Pods

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Made for the Nespresso®* System. A creamy well rounded coffee with notes of milk chocolate and berries (Intensity 8/10). Enjoyed black or with a touch of milk. 

Colombia is an Australian certified organic coffee packed in 10 Biodegradable and Compostable Bio-capsules and contain no aluminium, petroleum-based plastics or other nasty stuff. Unsure about what are the best flavours for you?

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Intensity: 8
Size of Cup: 40m-110ml
Capsules Per Box: 10 Biodegradable & Compostable Capsules (hermetically sealed)
Coffee per Capsule: 5.5 Grams
100% Compatible with: Nespresso®* System
Origin: Roasted and Packaged in Australia from imported Fairtrade Organic Coffees


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