Reviewed: DeLonghi Nespresso EN95R Espresso Machine

Posted by on November 09, 2013 . .

An espresso is made by slowly pouring high-pressure hot water through ground coffee. Just like in the best Italian bars, our coffee takes approximately 20 to 25 seconds to pour out into the cup, the optimal extraction time. Slow extraction is a sign of quality.

Faster extraction may indicate insufficient pressure. For optimal results, please use a good quality Nespresso machine with 19 bar water pressure.

The DeLonghi Nespresso EN95RPLUS is my favourite machine in terms of the quality, performance and simplicity. I love my espresso coffee and this machine won't disappoint.

The machine also works well in a small office environment and should be able to handle up to 50 cups a day. It comes with a 2 year warranty and Nespresso will pick up the machine from your home and provide you with a replacement while it is being fixed, so you won't have to miss your favourite Espresso.

In Australia this machine is currently selling for A$175.00 at the Good Guys, the best deal I could find, which makes this a great buy.

There is more choice for Nespresso drinkers. Why not give Espressorium, the premium alternative for under 50 cents a try? Like the original it comes from Switzerland.

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