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We are coffee affectionados and would like to share interesting facts about the world of coffee and Espressorium, the sole importer and distributor of Pressogno, one of the most popular Nespresso compatible coffee capsules in Europe.

Posted by on Nov 07, 2018 .

COMING SOON! New Ethical Series

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We are proud to introduce our new Dingo Republic range - the Ethical Series. This brand-new range of coffee is certain to satisfy both connoisseurs and the environmentally-conscious alike!

All capsules in the Ethical Series are plant-based and certified 100% compostable and biodegradable. That's right! No aluminium, petroleum-based plastics or other nasty stuff. Each capsule is packed to the brim with rich, fresh, aromatic,...

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Which Nespresso® Coffee Capsule Machine is suitable for Espressorium Coffee?

Our capsules from Dingo Republic (available online and selected retailers) are guaranteed 100% compatible with the Nespresso machines.


  • DeLonghi
  • Breville
  • KitchenAid
  • Krups
  • Koenig
  • Turmix

Compatible Models:

  • ✔️ Creatista (NEW)
  • ✔️ KitchenAid (NEW)
  • ✔️ Prodigio
  • ✔️ Citiz
  • ✔️ U and U Milk
  • ✔️ Inissia
  • ✔️ Lattissima Plus and Pro
  • ✔️ Essenza
  • ✔️ Le Cube
  • ✔️ Maestria and Gran Maestria
  • ✔️ Pixie

Our Coffee Capsules are NOT Compatible with:

  • ❌ Nespresso®*...

Posted by on Feb 28, 2018 .
Why Descale?

Descaling your Nespresso machine is necessary from time to time to remove hard water deposits and impurities. We recommend coffee machine descaling at least once a year

Descaling can be done in six easy steps and should take about 20 minutes.


Follow these steps:

Prepare your machine

  • Turn on your machine
  • Eject any capsule, empty the capsule container and the drip tray
  • Put in 1 liter of warm fresh water (4 cups) in the water container.
  • Mix in a sachet of descaling solution.
  • Place a container than can hold up to one liter of water under the coffee outlet.

Descale Mode

  • Pixie,...

Our Decaf will not only satisfy your taste buds, but you can also rest assured knowing that what you are putting into your body is free of any chemicals! From the mountains of Mexico comes our ‘Mountain Water Washed’ Organic Decaf Coffee. Not only is it decaffeinated but it is also 100% certified Organic. 

Our Mexico Organic Decaf uses a premium decaffeinated coffee bean and is one of the rare decafs that only applies the mountain washing process which uses only pure water mountain to separate the caffeine from the beans. The process is difficult and tedious, the production staff must be incredibly fastidious about how they handle...

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Dingo Republic Pods successfully tested on Nespresso KitchenAid

The new Dingo Republic Nespresso compatible coffee capsules were successfully tested with the latest Nespresso KitchenAid machine. Watch the video to see the amazing flow performance and the perfect Crema.

About Dingo Republic

Exceptional coffee blends from around the world

Inspired by the authenticity and natural cultivation of indigenous cultures from around the world, Dingo Republic coffee has captured the true essence of coffee and presented it in the convenience of Nespresso Compatible Capsules.

Our range of coffee blends offers a variety of...

Posted by on Mar 07, 2016 .
The Nespresso compatible coffee capsule from Pressogno convinced a Jury of Restaurateur and Coffee Connoisseur. Nespresso and Lidl fared the worst.

Coffee in a capsule has become a common household good in our kitchen and offices since Nespresso replaced their Head of Marketing in 1988. Nespresso's initial attempt to wipe out all clones with law suits has now evolved to almost any Retailer offering one or more of the many compatible Coffee Capsule brands.

The Newspaper "Der Landbote" wanted to find out once and for all which Nespresso compatible Capsule Coffee was the best in their opinion and invited Coffee Experts to join their...

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 .

Pressogno Espresso Medium Voted best Nespresso Compatible by Coffee Experts



How good is the Capsule Coffee of the Nespresso competition? In a K-Tipp tasting, "Pressogno" came first.

One of the large consumer magazine in Europe, K-Tipp, tasted capsules from eight different manufacturers. The selection included a comparable balanced Espresso blend.

The results of the tasting:

  1. Good:
    • Only "Espresso Medium " from Pressogno received top score. The jury's verdict: "A mild, balanced Espresso."
      Perfect Time to try our wining capsule with this Variety Pack Special - Buy 100 capsules for 47c a Capsule and...