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Espressorium is a 100% Australian owned and operated company and dedicated to sustainability and quality.  All our goods are shipped from Australia, not overseas. Espressorium is proud to be the supplier for the Dingo Republic Coffee Capsules range as well as the Oceanian supplier for the Pressogno Coffee Capsules after the coffee’s enormous success across Europe and 

Dingo Republic Coffee is masterfully crafted in Australia and only considers suppliers and growers who meet their strict demands, which ensures it’s high standard of production and ultimately taste. A little known fact is that Melbourne has recentlyy been voted "Coffee Capital of the World".

Espressorium is thrilled to be able to supply flawless coffee taste to Australian consumers and traders. The best coffees of the world in our capsules


who needs george - premium nespresso alternative capsules at an affordable price
George .... ?

Our Campaign - Who Needs George

We have asked Shared Marketing to help us with the marketing of Espressorium. It was important to us, that the message was received with a smile, when giving the customers the freedom of choice.

At Espressorium we don't spend hundred of thousands on A-list celebrities to endorse our products. Our focus is on providing the finest coffee blends at an affordable price! With our delightfully rich and diverse Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules available at an incredible price, who needs George anyway?



who needs george - premium nespresso alternative capsules at an affordable price
100% Compatible

Our Capsules

Dingo Republic capsules are  guaranteed 100% compatible with Nespresso® Machines. 

As a world first, Dingo Republic will be launching the first fully compostable compostable coffee capsule, including Lid and Box. Other than with other suppliers, we won't require any plastic overwrap, nor and Aluminium Lid! This will represent a big step towards further reducing our carbon footprint in the Coffee Capsule world.




Peter Laube,
Director Espressorium

The Success Story

The coffee market is moving. The single portions market is booming and growing rapidly. We can proudly announce that Pressogno has achieved a significant market share in the difficult market of Nespresso® with our compatible coffee capsules.

Our global distribution network has grown to over 2,000 points of sale, selling over 8 million capsules a month. Pressogno operates globally and distributes their premium coffee products through selected food retailers under the Pressogno brand. The target markets are upper price segments in department stores, food retailers and convenience stores.

This represents an incredible success and confirms that we have introduced a great product that offers great value for money.

We are not looking for quick success but sustainability and cooperative partnership.



Coffee Made in Italy


Pressogno coffee uses 100% Arabica to create a luxurious coffee feeling. Robusta is added to some flavours to achieve a variety of tastes. The coffees are purchased from the most expert coffee trading companies in Italy with all production lots are recorded and registered to enable us and our customers to trace back the origin of the product.

After it is gently and expertly roasted, the Pressogno coffee is freshly ground and immediately filled into our food-safe capsules under protective conditions. Whether they are destined for coffee capsules or coffee pods, our bean coffee is of the highest quality and best provenance. The Coffee Capsules are compatible with machines by Nespresso®.




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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that you you will love our product and are happy to provide you with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to give you the comfort when buying our product.


Opportunities, Services and Solutions

Espressorium is pleased to release opportunities for expansion and sales of the exclusive Pressogno coffee. If your love for coffee and people exceeds everything else, we would love to hear more from you. Contact us now in regards to becoming a Pressogno distributor.

We offer retailers, roasters and coffee affectionados the opportunity to release their own capsules (Private Label).  We specialise in coffee, tea and soluble drinks and can present you with the solution that meets your requirement and the capacity to fulfill your demand.

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